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A step back in time to a world of kings and queens. Where jesters entertained and sex was revered. Slaves traded. Wars waged. Welcome to THE COURT.
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PostSubject: Maya's App.   Maya's App. EmptyTue Aug 28, 2012 5:36 pm



Please head to Miyavi ニヤリビーム!!(ノ ̄ー ̄)‥‥…━━━━━☆( ̄  ̄)………( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ


NAME: Yamazaki Masahito



Band History: SINNERS, Ishihara Gundan (Miyavi's suppot band)

AGE: 218 (looks 22)


SPECIES: Neko Vampire hybrid



Maya's App. Tumblr_m9jdb7A3s51qhilwx

Height: 185cm.
Weight: Unknown
Birthplace: Nagano Japan
Birthday: July 30
Ear Piercing: Left-5, Right-3

Maya dresses pretty much any way he feels like. He's a slave so most of the things he wares are things that he finds around. He keeps to dark places to ensure he isn't found when snooping around and he loves to find long, colorful things to put on. Maya doesn’t usually think to much about how the things will look on him and he hates dull colors on his body. For the most part the best thing he's found are a few robes of common folk that he loves to ware. Maya isn't to picky with the things he finds seeing as he is just a slave. He's full of confidence and can't think of anything better then finding new clothes around to ware. The more color the better for him and no matter how fancy it is or how expensive, nothing matters except the color and his attitude towards it.

Maya's App. Tumblr_m9jddt4o7M1qhilwx

PERSONALITY: Maya is beyond the light of dorky and hyper. That doesn't mean he can't sit and be calm and still but if he gets the opportunity he goes wild. Like a child he finds that perfect timing. There isn't much that makes he upset and for the most part he loves to do things that involve things of interest. He's like a child in many ways and he loves that about himself. Despite being a slave he takes things very seriously and he can't help but have so much self respect for himself and others. Though he is a slave he doesn't really act like one, upbeat and sometimes overly dramatic is the best way to describe him. Maya finds ways to make others laugh or smile and telling them he's a slave is priority number one for him. He has no shame for what he does and he can't think of any reason to be.

Most of the time he's your hyper peppy Maya, but at first glance he's not that kind or spirited. It takes him a while to get use to people and for the first few days, if's he really unsure, he doesn't say a thing. More like the cat then vampire he checks out others rather then jumping in to anything. Once you get past his shy state you find that child like persona that lives in him. If he's super comfortable he even shares things about what he was like as a child. When he's depressed his does a wonderful job of hiding it, another trait that is very cat like is his way of hiding every emotion he doesn't want others to see. Maya hides pain, sadness and even frustration, but the one thing he refuses to hide is his anger. A mobster type of anger comes when he's pushed over the edge and he becomes rather frightening. Aside from that he keeps everything out of sight expect his happiness and excitement.

LIKES: Variety of color, bells, rain, moonlight, Lollipops’ of all flavors, sleeping, reading, dogs, soft carpets, Maya is also a big sucker for all things sweet, and he loves yakitori chicken.

Notes: Maya is usually sucking on a lollipop and he has a dog named Moco-chang

DISLIKES: Most other cats, heat/hot whether, plastic (it freaks him out a little), Bees, and most things having to do with extremely high pitched noises.

STRENGTH: Child like personality, super sweet smile

WEAKNESS: Sweets (does just about anything for them), his ears of course, emotionless way of approaching things.

HISTORY: Maya, though now full of joy and excitement was, and still is, rather lonely inside. He might not look the part but he loves being around others that can make him smile. Since he was a child he had a thing for striving to make others happy. At the age of six he came to realize that despite all his efforts his parents refused to stay with him, and with each other. Despite trying his hardest to keep them as a family it just ended up blowing up in his face. He can't remember the last time he actually had a family meal and there's no point in trying. Maya was left in the care of his mother and despite her attempt at love and affection it did neither of them any good. As far as he knew his mother was all but unstable in every way possible. He could only watch as she pulled herself apart, helpless and alone he stood to the side and watched. Maya spent his life watching out for himself knowing very well he could do nothing to help. Before his parent had split he worked hard to make them happy with how things were and after that he felt the need to make everyone he came across happy in some way. Even if it was just a light smile it filled him with joy.

That's how his habit appeared and since then he couldn't shake it off. Regardless of what he had to do to make it so he worked hard for it. His own loneliness being pushed away deep into his hart as the years passed. Being a Neko made him cute and desirable to most people and up until he was 18 he was pure in every way possible. When the day came that someone asked him for sex his only question was “If I do, will it make you smile?” Unwilling to give everything he played the basics to make the man content. There was no way he was willing to completely give himself away for a stranger. His life as a slave began that way and after that he offered just the basics, not a very great slave right? However he didn't care, as long as he found a smile on their faces when he was done he was okay. Maya worked hard at everything he did and for the most part he was a good slave, a nice pet, and an all around great catch. His happy run ended when he came into the path of a vampire. Unaware of the fact he gladly performed and ended up a hybrid that morning. It took on bite and few sweet words to make him obey just about everything and for the first few years he was content. After being bite it became clear he didn't really turn into much of anything. His blood mixed with what the vampire put into him and didn't have that much of a strong affect. His Neko half overpowered the vampire so he can tolerate the heat and for the most part isn't into blood, biting or anything of the like. He kept his immortality and is more cat like, however his canines did get a bit larger. His above average strength comes from the vampire side as well and Maya has a higher and farther range of hearing. He moves rather quick when he needs to and can eat just about anything and still be able to taste it . His eyes change color do to this as well; going from brown to a feline yellow with a hint of dark blue.

Several years passed and his vampire left, just like everyone else and he continued on. A pattern that he couldn't change and didn't try to change. Maya knew how things worked in his life and he didn’t fight it. Still very lonely inside and unfulfilled he doesn't show to much in the first few days unless there's something he finds interesting in the other. He makes a good boyfriend and companion but in his mind that's all he is. Maya wandered around until he was snatched up by the slave market. He stays there from time to time just for a bed and some food. He doesn't really have a home and he's not your typical slave. Maya works when he wants and is adored by the women that work at the slave market. For the most part he's content and uncaring of his life. In the back of his mind, during every show of the slaves he scans around and looks for someone that can see past his expressionless face and into the lonely man that lives inside. He dares to dream.

Little note: Maya has a little song he likes to sing when he feels sad or alone. He would sing it with a very old friend he had when he was little. It was the only song he mother ever sang to him. He can't remember the rest of it, just the first few parts but he sings it all the time. He only had one friend growing up and they would sing together so he can't remember the full song.

ROLE PLAY SAMPLE: "Please.....don't...." He felt it again, that slight tingle of his eyes filling with warm liquid. Once again he found that sad face within the darkness and reached for it, wanting to touch even the slightest inch of it. "It's coming again....." His voice echoed into nothing and he saw himself, so small and fragile. A tiny six year old frame reaching for the hands of mommy and daddy. Wanting something to reassure that small boy and put him at ease. Maya, now grown simply watched this play out before him, a sad expression on his face. Then it came again, warmth, but not from the hands he was reaching for, but the sides of the walls he'd come to know so well. The figures vanished and his former self was pulled into the walls as the warmth came flooding in. ".....I'm sorry Maya.....Bye- Bye...." Hazy brown eyes sprang open he found a familiar sensation on his cheeks and pillow. "...Again....I'm such a crybaby..." Whipping away the tears that had come during his sleep, he sat up turning his pillow over. "Why do I keep having that dumb..."

The slender man slipped on several pairs of oddly colored robes before heading out ruffling his hair into a funny style before heading into a familiar hallway. Strolling all the way down he picked up his collar at the front and headed for the small arena they set up the night before. "Show time..." His purple collar easily fit around his slender neck and he pawed gently at the bell attached to the end. "...Well mommy....look what you're darling little son is up to. Playing a toy for someone else’s huh?" His tone was mocking as he lined up, first of course, before heading out. The same emotionless expression he put on every night crossed his face as the sounds filled his ears forcing them down flat.

POWER: Classic Neko abilities. Maya has a strong sense of smell, he has above average strength for someone of his build and his ears and tail are visible at all times unless he wishes otherwise. His vampire side is slightly weaker then this Neko half but it is still very much there. _see history for more_


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PostSubject: Re: Maya's App.   Maya's App. EmptyFri Aug 31, 2012 1:34 am

looks pretty good. only one problem.

in the likes you have anime/manga. this is victorian era. manga and anime did not exist then
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