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A step back in time to a world of kings and queens. Where jesters entertained and sex was revered. Slaves traded. Wars waged. Welcome to THE COURT.
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PostSubject: Miyavi's App   Miyavi's App EmptyWed Aug 29, 2012 6:42 pm



NAME: Shinjuu

AGE: 18


IM: same


NAME: Takamasa Ishihara

NICKNAME: Miyavi or Miyabi, Vivi, Oresama

BAND: Solo

AGE: 20 (rp only)

Position in the hierarchy: Foreign Dignitary




APPEARANCE: Miyavi is a casual dresser, well at least in his mind he is. He loves to wear clothes that are much to big for his small frame. Coming in at a good 67kg the thin man enjoys robes that are far beyond his size. Miyavi loves things of color and delicate fabric. When it comes to the things he puts on his body, from the time he was small, he's loved things he could swing around and play with. Long robs with a nice amount of space for him to move around and do his thing is what he looks for when clothes is made for him. He picks colors himself and most of his more formal robes he had tailored to his liking. His father loves watching his son make all sorts of patterns and designs that incorporates their family crest and for the most part he doesn't really mind. Miyavi makes sure he keeps his robes clean, neat and well organized for each function. Meeting other royals is something he can't dress colorful for and he dislikes it. He does a great job of keeping his kimonos in order, separating what he can wear for a casual day, a lazy day, to a work day.

formal,festivals,at home,out and about

Body Accessories: On his fingers= ΜΨΩ=MYV / 3 = 三 = mitsu; 8 = 八 = yatsu; 2 = 二 = futatsu. Those are most visible. The rest are below.
Miyavi's App Tumblr_m9jfl1Nheo1qhilwx

Transformation State: When Miyavi shifts into his Byakko form he become a large white tiger with, believe it or not, a massive amount of tattoos. That's right all the tattoo's he has aside for the 9 are kept. They permanently appeared on his body after he turned 20 due to all the transformations he underwent while growing, voluntary or involuntary.

PERSONALITY: Miyavi has a rather spunky personality to him, he loves playing around and he can't help but enjoy life, not matter what. He can be weird and out there but he has lots of respect for, well, just about everyone. He loved being the center of attention when he was small and now he can't help but want the right sort of attention. Being a prince and being normal are two things he can't help but feel go hand in hand so he does know how to act his own age. Miyavi believes that he can make his country work and he won't stand by and let anyone hurt the people he cares for. He's high strung sometimes but he's learning and growing every day. Miyavi has a very protective instinct and can't help but stand up for what he believes is right. He has a strong sense of self-worth and wont let anything stand in his way. Determined and head strong Miyavi is a quirky guy with lots to love and some things that need improvement.

LIKES: Sweets, books, manga/anime, shiny things, playing guitar, peace and quite (at times), meeting strangers in the weirdest of ways, and tying all kinds of foods and drinks (even if he's never heard of them)

Of course sadness, heat, cookie thieves, silence, and most of all BOREDOM

STRENGTH: Strongly developed will power, hard core hair styles, and sweet smile

WEAKNESS: Sweets (think starving puppy)

HISTORY: Miyavi had your average prince upbringing. His parents spent a lot of time with him despite their schedules and for the most part they worked very hard to make sure he was happy. Miyavi was six when he started to notice that he wasn't like the other kids, up until then his parents had treated him like a cute little golden prize. When he turned six his prince life began, Miyavi was put into many private lessons and took many individual studies. He didn't get to go out and play much but he loved staying at him with his parents. Miyavi didn't mind it since he had time to spend with his family. He was allowed out on holidays and he wasn't kept from the public at all, he was a baby star. The young prince drew massive crowds and he loved the attention.

Prince or no prince he was kind to everyone he met and his parents raised him like your semi-average child. They showed him lots of love and affection and always made time for him. He grew up knowing only kindness and happiness. At the age of nine he found out not everyone in the world is kind and gently. On his way home from a festival he was kidnapped and held for two days in dark and rather cramped room. It was then he found out about his demon half. Scared, alone and over all uncomfortable his Byakko made it's first appearance. When he came too he was back home in bed and wrapped in blankets. Mother and father were there at his side and once he was fully awake he was told of his fathers half of the family.

Byakko or not he swore to work hard just as his father did and since then he was given lessons on how to keep it locked and controlled. It was based more so on his emotions and since he was and upbeat sort of person there wasn't much to worry about. Years passed and the young prince grew, only having occasional episodes of transformation. His demon was kept secret and thus the prince has a huge burden on his shoulders as he studies to become the future king.

His past is as open booked as his joyful expressions and he has no problem sharing when asked. He wasn't your typical prince and still isn't. A happy and fulfilled childhood brought him to love and respect his parents to death. Miyavi is more of a daddy's boy, but he does share everything with his mother as well. He's spunky, dorky, and totally all about family.

ROLE PLAY SAMPLE: Miyavi huffed, taking the pain silently just as he always had, the now 14 year old dropped to his knees. "No one said it would be easy" he muttered softly to himself, 'not like that would make it any better' he thought shortly after. Glancing down at his arm a light smile spread across his face. "Only one arm changed his time....just like I wanted." Could it be true? Was he finally started to get a hang of his transformation? The young boy stood on shaky legs holding his arm and once again shutting his eyes trying to focus now on what his arm use to look like. His transformation were painful, at least when he didn't fully shift. In the back of his mind Miyavi was taking in account the time frame as well making sure he had enough time to shift back and get home before anyone noticed. "Just once more......a leg this time...." Miyavi spoke softly to himself finding encouragement from being able to successfully shift his hand back to normal. "Okay....come on then."

POWER: Can transform into a large white tiger when frightened, angry, in danger/hurt, or sad (but miserable sad)

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